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The Complete Primary 1 Arabic Books

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Let's welcome our children to The Complete Primary 1 Arabic Books: the perfect way for your kids to learn Arabic in a fun and easy way. Our books are designed to support your children's language journey and make them feel comfortable, confident and engaged. Let’s get your children on the path to success today!

About Our Books & Resources

Topically arranged with beautiful design so that your children can learn Arabic easily. You don’t have to scour the internet anymore to look for different resources. Everything is there in our books! Our books closely follow the Arabic syllabus of our local Madrasahs but with extra activities to ensure that your children get the practice they need. And best of all, they all come with visual answer keys! 

Our curriculum is planned and designed by Arabic teachers in Singapore with feedback from native Arab speakers. Our unique team helps to ensure that children get the practice that they need to excel in Arabic. 

Our Primary 1 curriculum books are made up of:

1. Primary 1 Arabic Vocabulary (beautiful) $35

One of the best ways to attain fluency in Arabic is to acquire sufficient vocabulary. This book is created to help Primary 1 pupils master a wide range of simple Arabic words effectively. An instruction guide within the book also allows learners to identify instructional words by sight using visual cues.

This book has unique features:

  • Vocabulary Checker: so that you can take note of the words that your child need to master at primary 1
  • Colour coded sample sentences to help new learners understand exactly what each word mean

2. Primary 1 Arabic Grammar (best-seller!) $25

An essential practice book to mastering basic Arabic grammar for children. The book introduces grammatical concepts using diagrams and visuals that are clear and easy to understand. Rigorous exercises provide ample practice to enhance students’ understanding. As the grammatical items are topically arranged, teachers, parents and pupils will find the book easy to use.

3. Primary 1 Arabic Comprehension & Composition (unique!) $22

This book is designed to help familiarise learners to Arabic texts, to comprehend and construct simple sentences. Practices in the first part of the book are specially written to demonstrate and encourage correct use of vocabulary and grammar in given contexts. Meaningful illustrations are also added to aid in understanding. English-Arabic translation exercises are included in the second part of the book to help students consolidate learning and practice simple sentence constructions.